CTS Custom Lessons

Instructions for tutors

Read through the instruction below before you start the lesson.


  • The lesson is for 25 minutes and a Q and A type format.
  • Each lesson will have a list of 25 questions to ask your students.
  •  (See the separate sheets of the questions by clicking the question tab on the top right of this page.)


1. Introduction

  • Greet your student warmly and introduce yourself.
  • Ask your student’s name politely and use -san whenever applicable.
  • Move on to the lesson procedure by telling the goals of this lesson and giving a short instruction.

ー Goals

  • Respond quickly, and express ideas clearly and logically.

ー Instruction

  1.  The instructor will ask 25 questions.
  2.  Please answer in full sentences with reasons.
  3.  The goal is to answer as many questions as possible.
  • Click the question tab and start the lesson. 

  (Ask the student which group of the questions he/she wants to use.) 

2. Lesson Procedure

  • Pick a question in random order and read it out loud for your student to answer. Repeat the question if necessary.
  • Let your student finish his/her answer and never interrupt. When you feel your student is done, confirm by asking politely if s/he still has more to say. When your student says no, move on to the next question.
  • Check☑ the boxes next to the questions if your student could answer in full sentence with reason(s).
  • Wait for 3 seconds and if your student seems to struggle answering, offer to switch to a different question.
  • The goal is to ask all of the 25 questions in your 25-minute class, but there’s no penalty in answering less.
  • If you finish earlier, i.e. all 25 questions have already been answered, spend the rest of time for open talk or free discussion about the questions from the list.

3. Wrap Up

  • Give feedback to your student and end the lesson appropriately.

Important Reminders

  • Try not to interrupt the student while s/he is talking.
  • No need to ask follow up questions. (You may expand during the open talk or free discussion time.) 
  • No need to compliment the student for every answered question.